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danielle kristen.'s Journal [entries|friends|calendar]
danielle kristen.

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[10 Mar 2004|12:12am]
rachel the salamander has been with me here in bethlehem, and it's been quite good thus far. there has been some cookin', some polaroid takin', some chocolatey cake bakin', to name a few. we also watched alice in wonderland, sent some incriminating mail to unsuspecting peoples, listened to records and talked about our respective mates. we created pizzas at the olive garden, quickly consumed them all, talking about how the smell of cigarettes makes us think of good things, like certain peoples and the beach. we tried to go bowling with hannah and jake, but everyone i have ever met was there and it was overwhelming so we left. the night ended up better than i had expected, all four of us talking in jake's basement for a long while. tomorrow we're going to record and send tapes and presents to friends who live in massachusetts.

on an unrelated note, i can't wait until september. to be out of bethlehem and starting something good in new haven.

on another note. eighteen months is kind of a long time. in a good way though.
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and if you should fall asleep tonight, you must fall bearing the truth that i could never love you. [22 Feb 2004|10:39pm]
this weekend was burrito max with impossibletoopen nantucket nectar bottles. it was fish heads made into chairs. meeting lovely people on an exceptionally warm dorm floor. it was haircuts past two in the morning, and funny pictures. this weekend was completely insane anime that lasted over fifteen hours. gigantic gym centers made of glass. convenience store shirley temples and drunk dorm boys who throw footballs at me. deflated air mattresses, coffee, and no sleep until death.
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this city is a bomb and when it does explode, my ashes will wait for you to come and take me home. [18 Feb 2004|11:48pm]
tomorrow, boston.
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your typhoon blows through my harbor but i meet it head on. [27 Nov 2003|04:04pm]
last night my most favorite boys on this earth came home from college. sitting with ed and aaron on a couch in ed's basement, watching anime and talking about homicidal taxi cabbers from providence until four fucking thirty in the morning. it was completely unreal to have them actually sitting there, instead of behind a computer. i missed the good days of summer.

i love you ed and aaron, you guys rock it.
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these walls are caving in and everyone hears every little sound. [08 Nov 2003|12:19am]
originally, i was a little bit hesitant to go out tonight, but i am so extraordinarily happy that i did. spending time with sieglind, kayla, and amey was nothing but goodness, as it always is. spending the night relaxing and "networking" at king koffee for hours, rushing in and out of the cold, a most enjoyable time. thank you ladies, that was a good one.
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[23 Oct 2003|11:16pm]
i walked this line in time frames folded nine times into years past worn. nine times lost and nine times found again. seams held onto by teeth slip through without fault. i know you are there and i will not have this without knowing that i tried. it is a harsh thing to sing along, to string along strings that are breaking. breaking for the sake of saying it when we didn't catch it this time. scrape it off and along the side, to switch it to the others, off and on and off again.
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[22 Oct 2003|10:22am]
i would just like to comment, that last night, mates of state and death cab were so very, very excellent. yes. okay. awesome. go.
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you know it when they tie you up and make you go back home. [04 Oct 2003|03:15am]
working from seven until four was pretty awful, but the night more than made up for it. i picked sieglind up a little after seven, and off we went. driving around town, an excellent night sky for driving to the diner. smoking cigarettes and eating french fries. unfortunately, our night was cut a bit short because sieglind is going to the city tomorrow to watch the primates dance. the last thing i wanted to do at eleven o' clock on my weekend off was go home, so i gave caitlin a call and headed over to her place. i met some really nice kids and it was insanely good to see caitlin again. we walked around and sat on her back porch and it made me really miss being around there. i am going to make a huge effort to see her more often than i have recently.
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[28 Sep 2003|11:06pm]
turning eighteen was pretty nice. in the morning i had a wonderful indian lunch after multiple failed [yet very heartfelt] attempts of pancakes by a wonderful boy. later that day into the next, sieglind and i celebrated with bali hai's, patrick swazy, and diners. while we were out, her mother baked me a chocolate cake that split into three pieces, thus resembling a mercedes symbol. the cake was extremely good, and so was the night. tonight the boy took me out to dinner and we missed out on modest mouse and the last night of rita's, but it was really nice anyways.
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[27 Sep 2003|12:34pm]
happy. birthday.
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whatever we think actions are, we'll never know what anything was for. [29 Aug 2003|11:25pm]
the specks that fall from creases in manuscripts are cracking, like tiny balls of glass explosions in the air. the nighttime monsters are coming out of corners, out of walls, to seep seamlessly from what is wrong or what is fair. dead skin is what i breathe through cardboard walls, with nothing in between but dirty, beatup toys. something i can't stop that speaks through microphones, but somehow it breaks down everysinglenoise.
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i have no idea what's been going on lately. i just wish you would come over and explain things. [20 Aug 2003|08:39pm]
in between days of the week, that just go on too long. when we're cutting all the lines from my heart to your veins. and then we lie awake at night while ghost bodies go so far from this place. this should be too easy, like lacing shoes. but it's not, and i can't find it anywhere. on days when it's hot you could come over. and maybe we could play those same notes, a d sharp for an e minor. could we make it a little tighter, cut it a little wider. hold it a little longer, build it a little stronger. well i don't know about that, do you really think we could do that. cause sometimes it's so easy, and others it's just not.
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have one of those days when you want to try heroin; drunk driving, some form of soft suicide. [10 Aug 2003|12:43am]
secretly sleeping and sometimes she's dreaming of days when these lights weren't quite so bright. but there's holes in the cielings and marks making feelings that don't always show in the middle of the night. tangerine sunshine and dangling sometimes when glass scrapes the floor where we don't want it to.
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this is the end. this is the line of best fit. [06 Aug 2003|04:31am]
twenty-one questions.Collapse )
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